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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Every report counts campaign

The MHRA has launched its its public health campaign to inform those receiving Covid-19 vaccines about how to report a suspected side effect to the MHRA Yellow Card scheme on this Coronavirus Yellow Card reporting website.

The campaign was launched on 24 February 2021 with the aim to ensure those looking to report a Covid-19 vaccine side effect know where to go and what to do. Anyone can report to the Yellow Card scheme, whether for themselves or on someone else’s behalf.

By reporting suspected side effects, we can help make vaccines better for everyone.

If you, or a partner organisation you know, can support the continuation of the campaign aim to help make people aware of the Coronavirus Yellow Card reporting site - we have a toolkit of free resources for you to use and share.

The campaign message is straight forward - Report suspected side effects of Covid-19 vaccine to the MHRA Yellow Card scheme.

Who is the campaign toolkit for?

This e-toolkit is for partners who are either giving vaccinations, deliver vaccinations onsite or who are regularly in communications with the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) priority and eligible audiences such as frontline workers, the elderly and those 12 years and older. Since the campaign launched the eligibility has significantly widened – check the NHS or website for the latest updates.

If you are a care home or supported living accommodation, NHS site, GP surgery, community pharmacy or one of the many vaccination sites, we have the printed resources for you to display.

If you send communications to those providing support to people currently receiving their vaccinations, whether as care workers, patient groups or community services, or family and carers, we have a range of digital resources to share.

Campaign e-toolkit

Please read our briefing sheet first – it gives you more information about the campaign overview, audiences, timelines, resources and usage.

PDF formats for in-house colour printing

These on-site resources are for locations who are delivering vaccinations or who have the current target audiences regularly on site.


Poster for in-house printing and onsite display in communal areas with high foot traffic.

Postcard/ leaflet

One-side postcards for printing in-house using A4 paper.

Digital files for email and digital activity

These digital assets are for use in communications and digital screens where those receiving or have booked to receive their Covid-19 vaccination will see it.

Digital screens

These can be used as background or screensavers on staff computers or for waiting area TV screens.

Social Media

Graphic and animation assets and posts wording for use across social media.

File type – Zip file

  • 4 x Graphic assets 16 x 9 – PNG

  • Video animation 16 x 9 - MP4 (12 seconds)

  • Suggested social media posts – MS Word document

Email signature

Signature banner or text hyperlinked to the reporting site -

Text version (if you can't use the banner, please use the following text hyperlinks)

Report side effects of Covid-19 vaccine to the MHRA Yellow Card scheme. Every report counts.